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Congratulations to our top 4 players earning WNY Elite!

  • Players get points for playing in the advanced division of our WNY Roundnet tournaments. 


  • Your top 3 finishes + any bonus points count towards your final tally.

  • The top 4 players will earn WNY Elite status, and will be rewarded with custom jerseys from Savage Ultimate Apparel, WNY Elite trophy's, free registration at all WNY Roundnet events for 1 year, and free cases of Red Bull.

2021 NY Pre-Season Rankings

WNY Players: Brandon Spector (3), Ryan Gross (5), Dakota Wheeler (11), Jake Heidman (13), Kieran Rose (16), Jake Vladyka (17), Jett Klintworth (20), Justin Shaytar (HM), Charlie Freeman (HM), Alex Luc (HM), Stephen Sweeney (HM)

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