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2021 Western New York Roundnet Season

After lots of planning, we are excited to announce the events we will be hosting in 2021. We have been hard at work during 2020 to ensure that the 2021 Western New York season is bigger, better, and more inclusive than ever. We hope to see plenty of both new and old faces at our events, so grab a friend and come play! We currently have 8 tournaments that we plan on running, and are confident that that number will reach double digits by the end of the year. We are shifting away from the league & tournament model for the foreseeable future, and running exclusively tournaments, based on feedback from players around the region.


We are classifying tournaments by two separate names: Majors, and Opens. Our Majors will be exclusively run by Western NY Roundnet, and will have the biggest and best prizes, largest turnout, and more divisions to play in. Open tournaments will be a little less serious, and will sometimes have a different format (such as King of the Beach) or purpose (such as a tournament with all sign up fees going to charity). We will also be giving a "WNYR Seal of Approval" to local events whose organizers have a history of running high quality events, and helping them out with advertising, prizing, and making sure that event runs smoothly. Our Majors can be found on the picture to the left, and we will be releasing information about our first Open as soon as we can, which will be a fundraiser event for a fantastic local charity.

2021 Ranking System

Just like in our 2019 tournament series, we are bringing back our ranking system. Players will get points each tournament based on what position they finished, with the top 4 players at the end of the year being crowned WNY Elite, and winning some incredible prizes, such as free registration for 2022, and more that will be announced later. Both Majors and Opens will let you earn points towards your ranking, however Majors will have significantly more points up for grabs. Only players residing in NY are eligible to earn points. We will be releasing exact details before our first Major on 5/29, in the meantime, feel free to check out the 2019 WNY Elite rankings under the tournaments tab.

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